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Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America with nearly two thirds of the nation's population living below the poverty line. UNICEF estimates there are over 170,000 orphans in Honduras. Orphan Outreach ministers in Honduras by partnering with local orphanages, churches, and Christian schools for children in extreme poverty situations. We also make it a priority to come alongside the Honduran nationals and work with them as they serve their own people. Read below to learn more about our Honduras partner programs.

Hope of Jesus Children's Home

Hope of Jesus Children's Home exists to provide protection and daily care for vulnerable children the government has placed in the protective system in Honduras by offering them a safe home with Christian values, a loving family environment, and improved educational opportunities. Click here to continue reading.

NiCo (Programa de Desarrollo Integral Nino – Comunidad), [La Paz]

NiCo is a comprehensive community-based program located in the town of La Paz, where Orphan Outreach partners with the San Jose orphanage. The children attending NiCo come from families living in extreme poverty. They often only eat one meal a day, do not have access to clean water, have no electricity, and no sewage infrastructure. NiCo seeks to help provide a quality education and support services for these children and families who are in need. Click here to continue reading.


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  • Population: 7,483,763 (2007)
  • Birth Rate: 27.59 births/1,000 population
  • Death Rate: 5.32 deaths/1,000 population
  • Infant Mortality Rate total: 25.21 deaths/1,000 live births
  • Population below poverty line: 50.7% (2004)
  • Est. # people living with HIV/AIDS: 63,000; 1.5% adult (15-49) prevalence rate (2005)
  • Unemployment rate: 27.8% (2007)
  • Literacy Rate (age 15 + can read & write): 80% total population (2001)
  • Estimated 180,000 children (0-17) orphaned (2005)
  • Type of Government: Democratic Constitutional Republic
  • Language(s): Spanish; indigenous languages
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (97%), Protestant (3%)
  • Honduras is located in Central America, and is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua and has Caribbean and Pacific coasts.
  • Honduran society is rife with economic inequality. Malnutrition, poor housing and infant diseases are widespread.
  • UNICEF estimates that there are more than 180,000 orphans in Honduras.
  • Only 43 percent of children enrolled in public schools complete the primary level. Of all children entering the first grade, only 30 percent go on to secondary school, and only 8 percent continue to the university.
  • Figures cited by the Ministry of Education suggest that Honduras suffers from widespread illiteracy (more than 40 percent of the total population and more than 80 percent in rural areas).
  • Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, and one of the poorest in Western Hemisphere with 53% of the population living below the poverty line.
  • Honduras was devastated by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. At least 10,000 people were killed and millions were left destitute. The damage was estimated at $3 billion, setting development back by decades.